Jon Carroll Woodworks

Rolling With It


I’ve been away from the shop for a while and it’s going to be a bit until I’m back at it. That being said, this project is from a while ago, before my hiatus.


Sometimes its good to step back and make something completely freehand. I friend of mine gave me this 2″ locally milled chunk of oak a while back and was keeping it for somthing special. In the midst of all the other things to do, I decided to whip up a small plant table without any plan – other than how roughly L/W/H I wanted it.

With hand tools only (except roughing out the blanks…) and the seat of my pants, This is what I came up with in a couple afternoons worth of work. I’m happy with how it turned out. I will most likely just finish it with shellac and wax.

This was a fun quick project that allowed me to try somthing different. I like how it looks but I think there will be a do-over with some minor modifications. I like how the table aprons look but I think they could be a touch wider, and perhaps curved – imagine pinched in the middle – with smaller beads on both the upper and lower side.

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