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Been Busy… And not in the Shop

Been a crazy few weeks since I came home. And not really with shop projects, but a massive honey-do list. (I think maybe I’ve knocked off about 0.5% from the list.)

First things first. The final renovation of a spare bedroom had to take place as it’s to become the new rec room for the kids.

This little project involved removing a closet (built as an add-on many years ago. Very poorly as well, however made for a really easy removal.) Floating and sanding the original lathe and plaster walls, painting and new flooring. I still need to do a few final touches to finish the trim but the room is now good enough to start the next, project – Relocating the original play room upstairs and moving my wife’s hair salon home, to that room.

Needless to say she’s very happy with how it turned out, about half the size from her last spot but still plenty of room to cater to her clients. Running the plumbing into the room was easy as the basement is unfinished and this room actually backs onto the kitchen, so the runs weren’t that long. Turns out i’m crap with soldering copper pipe so a Big THANK YOU to my friend Tyler for helping me out – read – do all the copper work 🙂 The yellow wall is actually a false wall that I put up to cover a double wide doorway to the kitchen. On the other side (in the doorway opening) I’m going to build an insert for shelves and sliding doors for a pantry. This also received a new floor, two new door slabs and a coat of paint. I still need to hang shelving for hair products and that should be that.

Mothers day rolled around and decided to make a mail holder/organiser for my wife. Made from pine, It’s a mix of Paul Seller meets Chris Pye. Was nice to bang out a quick hand tool project… It’s been too long.

And the last major project on my long list of things to do is this kitchen shack down at our camp. It’s 12 x 12, just enough for a kitchenette and a table with chairs. Kind of a rainy day getaway so we’re not all crammed in the trailer… I designed it myself, and the windows and door were given to us by the previous site occupants. Very thoughtful and much appreciated.

On another note, I’ve got another 3 commissions being prospected right now. One is a firm go ahead for an entertainment stand by the same folks who I built the four post bed for, and the other two are a third chess board display case and a chess board itself… Here goes!

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